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Posted on 07-08-20, 08:34 pm

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im making a rom hack and i want use unused koopa model , how i can?
Posted on 07-08-20, 08:47 pm

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Hate to be rude, but this is not an appropriate place for this thread.
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Posted on 07-08-20, 10:10 pm

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ok srry xd
Posted on 07-08-20, 11:18 pm

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moved to the ASM section. the unused koopa model has yet to be actually used in a hack, in favor of prerendered 2d sprites like in NewerDS in which the unused koopa model was converted to 2d frames and then imported that way.

actually using the koopa model will quickly shoot up the amount of polygons if you put many of them in your level, and it's going to be complicated to work around the many color and flying variants.

I'd recommend you stick to the 2d approach as you won't need to recode the entire actor.
Posted on 07-09-20, 12:27 pm

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NewerDS actually has a Koopa sprite that uses the unused model. It also has an unused option to be regular sized if I remember correctly.
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Posted on 07-09-20, 11:25 pm

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oh kk
Posted on 07-10-20, 12:52 am, deleted by RicBent: what
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