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Posted on 07-05-20, 06:29 pm

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so recently a Plugin for Blender 2.8 got released, which makes it possible to export the model format .imd (which can be converted with "g3dcvtr" to .nsbmd models) along with custom animations (NSBCA) and more.
It can be found here:

Since the worldmap models need individual vertex groups for each path (according to model exporter "Apiculla"), i tried to make a custom worldmap model with these paths. However they are all already visible before actually clearing a level.

I also tried to import the original worldmap model again just to see if the paths work then, but they sadly don't.

Is there anything else required to get the path animations working?

This is the structure of my model in Blender:
Posted on 07-06-20, 03:48 pm

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I don't think anybody here used that plugin to make world maps yet.

It looks like what you are doing is correct. The individual paths just have to be in a separate mesh called moveXX just like you are already doing (The "moves" group there isn't needed).

Are you sure the plugin is actually creating those individual meshes? Maybe it just exports everything as one mesh. You can probably check that by looking for the name strings in the imd and/or nsbmd.

IIRC I had some troubles with this as well when exporting the W8 map for NewerDS (in Maya 2011 though). The transparency stuff sometimes just refused to work. I *think* the texture formats were the problem. It had to have an alpha channel or something like that. But don't take that for granted. Don't remember it well enough.
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