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I couldn't find any condensed tutorials for just applying ASM hacks so here goes nothing. If you know how to code and want to make ASM patches, or just want a more complex and in-depth write-up, then check out this tutorial!

DOWNLOAD -  Dirbaio's ASM Template
DOWNLOAD - devkitPro

This tutorial is for USA roms of NSMB! (NTSC/U/USA)

Step 1
Install devkitPro and place your USA copy of NSMB in the root folder of the ASM patch template. Rename the ASM template to ASM (idk if this is required, but I heard that you needed to do it somewhere if someone could confirm this that would be great!). The file path of the folder must not have any spaces!

Step 2
Place the ASM patch (with the file extensions .h, .s and .cpp) in the folder named source.

Step 3
Open the ROM in the ASM folder with the NSMBe and go to the Tools/Options tab and select "Run 'make' and insert". Now there should be a load of boring stuff in a black box popping up, but you can ignore that.

And that should be it! This is a lot shorter than other tutorials, but that's partly the point of this one.
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