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Posted on 05-28-20, 06:34 pm

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I'm working on a nsmb hack called "nsmb: The Comeback". I don't think I will be able to finish this mod myself, so I came here to ask for help.

I need help with:
-the logo
-Level design

I will appreciate any help I can get.
Posted on 05-29-20, 12:29 pm
DMA problems.

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I don't think anyone is going to help if you have nothing to prove it's going to be something or without any screenshots of the hack.
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Posted on 05-29-20, 05:48 pm
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I can make the logo if you add myself in the credit, wish style do you want for your logo, NSMB/NSMBW style or NSMB2/NSMBU style?
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Posted on 05-29-20, 08:58 pm (rev. 1 by SomeRandomDrawing# on 05-29-20, 09:00 pm)

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I tried to make the logo but it always went wrong somehow. Here is the link to the Discord:
Posted on 06-09-20, 02:09 am (rev. 1 by SomeRandomDrawing# on 06-09-20, 02:11 am)

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Here is the logo:

And here is how it looks In game:
Posted on 06-09-20, 02:11 am

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Here is the logo:
Thats A Pretty Cool Logo
Posted on 06-09-20, 02:12 am

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Thx, but in game the bottomed text is glitched
Posted on 06-22-20, 01:00 pm (rev. 2 by  Shellbarbecue63 on 06-22-20, 09:00 pm)

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Mind if I help you with the hack? I have Level ideas and Level names
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Posted on 06-27-20, 03:27 pm

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Posted on 06-27-20, 03:42 pm

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I can give you some level ideas
I have a hack! it's called Harder Super Mario Bros DS
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