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Posted on 03-22-20, 06:47 pm
Red Paragoomba
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I'm working on F-Zero DSX and for a long time i wondered how i use ENV (enviroment) Maps in DS (NSBMD) models.
I know that you need the Nitro Plugins and Maya (which i have and use both for my models) to use these.
The Problem is, that i don't know which settings to use and if there are special settings that i have to do in blender (which i use for modeling).

Also, the "Lights" that you can apply to Models/Materials (Light 0/1/2/3). How does each of these work and when do i use them (outside of using light 0 for the kart/character models in MKDS)?

If anyone knows and can explain that to me, it's hugely appreciated.


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