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Posted on 02-04-20, 08:29 pm

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here, you can all create logos for every buddy need help to create some logos.

But I gonna challenge you to create these logos for more Hacks:
-Super Mario Bros. Mission: Still Alive !
-Classic Super Mario Adventure
-Best Super Mario Bros.
-Easy Super Mario Bros.
-Watch Out ! Mario Bros.
-New Super Mario Bros.: A Special Adventure.

Posted on 02-06-20, 06:43 pm

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Okay, challenge accepted! Tomorrow i will make one or 2 of this logos, but obviusly you will need to credit me if you use one of the logos made by me.
And i think isn't hard
Posted on 02-07-20, 07:39 am (rev. 3 by Mario20023 on 02-07-20, 02:17 pm)

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But it's not for me, it's for peoples don't know how To create logos for their hacks
Posted on 02-08-20, 11:08 am
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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"I'm gonna challenge you to make logos for me"

you know we aren't stupid, right? you just want logos made. no need to make it sound like a contest.
learn to ask properly instead to pull bullshit like this.
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