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Posted on 09-17-19, 09:21 pm

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I cant get anything working! Is this not for chrome os?
Posted on 09-17-19, 09:38 pm
Thank you

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It is a .exe file. You need windows to run it
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Posted on 09-18-19, 05:19 am
Newbie XD...

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Or on Linux systems you can try use wine
Posted on 09-19-19, 05:44 pm

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Or Mono, which tends to work better with NSMBe in particular.
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Posted on 10-15-19, 04:02 pm
What to put in the title...

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As a Chrome OS user, I can successfully run NSMBe using Linux Apps.


This is how to run it on Chrome OS.

I hope this helps!
I'm making a NSMB hack, and the only thing I can say that is related to this hack is that you ought to look at a special game, made by Hudson Soft, but that's all I can give you.
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