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Posted on 08-21-19, 12:32 pm

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I was making a level where you have to enter a door, it will send you to a island where you have to wall kick, then enter a pipe, you then move to the flag pole when you exit the pipe. But the problem is that I can't access the island in any way, when I put the island downward the main island, I die. I then placed it to the left side of the main island, I was teleported back into the main area. Then, I placed on the 2nd area, it crashed when I entered the door. If I placed upwards, I would have accessed it, but I couldn't see anything though.

Help would be appreciated though.
Posted on 08-21-19, 12:40 pm
Red Paratroopa

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First of all, does the 2nd island have its own view? If not, you should add it. Then, check the door warp and see if there's the 2nd island view ID and if you putted the correct destination (if it's in another area, write the Area number).
If there are still problems, i can help you!
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Posted on 08-22-19, 10:42 pm

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The 2nd island already had it's own view, I tried to set the view on the entrance because I thought it was the destination view, but it didn't worked, I really don't get why though. Sorry for responding a bit late though.
Posted on 04-17-20, 05:54 pm

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My mod is going good but the camera has a problem and a ?.

problem: i want the camera to go up were mario is but wont allow i try the rom in my new2ds emulator.

?: is their an other editor to edit world map like color or sprites.
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