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Posted on 05-05-19, 09:07 am

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Let me start by saying a little bit about myself. I like Mario games and Speedrunning and I am pretty active. I would like to make a new NSMB rom hack but I am pretty new so I would wonder if anyone would like to do it with me. I would recommend that you have made 1 rom hack of this game and that you can also help me along the way. Reply if you are interested.
Posted on 05-05-19, 12:40 pm

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(Sorry for my bad english but im italian)
Hi Hubadad, I am interested in helping you but I would like to know what kind of hack you want to do; anyway i'm good at programming levels
Posted on 05-22-19, 08:12 pm
Who needs a title?

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I can totally help you, if you want to contact me here it is my discord:


I am kind of secretly developing a MvsL hack and enhancing some of the editors, and if you are interested I can invite you to the Ndymario discord server!
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