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This code mod allows loading all romfs files from the sd card. It basically recreates layeredfs functionality. That means it also works on cita! Copy your extracted romfs to a folder named "nsmb2" inside the emulated SD card of citra (that folder is usually AppData/citra/sdmc) and open CoinKiller from there. If you now save your levels and reload the level in citra it will load the newly saved one. No more need to repack your romfs and cxi all the time!

This mod was created for US Gold Edition of the game.

Copy into "source/romfs2sdmc.s"

@   New Super Mario Bros. 2 - romfs2sdmc
@   by RicBent
@   heavily based on SaltySD by shinyquagsire

@ Functions in NSMB2
@   - 0013FC70 fsTryOpenFile
@   - 001109E4 fsMountArchive
@   - 00117DAC fsRegisterArchive
@   - 001416E0 fsMountSd    (calls fsMountArchive and fsRegisterArchive)

.align 4

@ Helper Functions

@ MemCopy(void* dest, void* src, uint num)
    ldrb r3, [r1], #1
    strb r3, [r0], #1
    subs r2, r2, #1
    bge MemCopy
    bx lr

.global TryOpenFile_Payload
    mov r6, r0              @ file ptr
    cmp r4, #0xBA           @ magic check
    beq exit

    push {r0-r12, lr}
        sub sp, sp, #0x20
        mov r7, r1          @ input file path
        mov r8, r2          @ mode

        ldrh r3, [r7, #0x0]
        cmp r3, #0x64       @ Filter out "data:/"
        beq abort

        @ Mount SD if necessary
        bl check_mount_sd

        @ Modify path so that it points to our sdmc path
        ldr r0, =path_buf
        ldr r1, =sdmount_wchar
        mov r2, #(sdmount_wchar_end-sdmount_wchar-2)
        bl MemCopy

        ldr r0, =path_buf
        add r0, #(sdmount_wchar_end-sdmount_wchar-2)
        mov r1, r7
        ldrh r3, [r7, #0x6]
        cmp r3, #0x3A           @ if path[3] == ':'
        addeq r1, #0x8
        addne r1, #0xA
        mov r3, #(sdmount_wchar_end-sdmount_wchar-2)
        mov r2, #0x400
        sub r2, r2, r3
        bl MemCopy

        @ Try to load file from sdmc
        mov r0, r6          @ file ptr
        ldr r1, =path_buf   @ modified path
        mov r2, r8          @ mode
        mov r4, #0xBA       @ magic check
        bl 0x0013FC70       @ TryOpenFile(filePtr, modifiedPath, mode, magicCheck)

        @ If we get a 0 result, we have a good file handle
        @ and can return
        cmp r0, #0x0
        beq success

        add sp, sp, #0x20
    pop {r0-r12, lr}

    b (0x0013FC70+8)

    add sp, sp, #0x20
    pop {r0-r12, lr}
    b (0x0013FC70+0x8C)

    push {r0-r4, lr}
        ldr r0, =sdmounted
        ldrb r0, [r0]
        cmp r0, #0x0
        bne skip_mount
        ldr r0, =sdmount
        mov r1, #0xF0000001
        bl 0x001416E0   @ fsMountSdmc
        ldr r0, =sdmounted
        mov r1, #0x1
        strb r1, [r0]
    pop {r0-r4, pc}

.align 4

    .ascii "sd_:"
    .byte 0

    .byte 0

    @ sd_:/nsmb2/
    .2byte 0x0073, 0x0064, 0x005f, 0x003a, 0x002f, 0x006e, 0x0073, 0x006d, 0x0062, 0x0032, 0x002f

.align 4
    .space  0x400, 0x00

Copy into "source/romfs2sdmc.hks" or "hooks/romfs2sdmc.hks"

romfs2sdmc: type: branch link: false addr: 0x0013FC74 func: TryOpenFile_Payload

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