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Posted on 03-11-19, 10:01 pm

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I wanted to keep minigames in a hack, but block off multiplayer. How would I re-route the button to force it to skip the player select and go to single player?
Posted on 03-11-19, 10:32 pm

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Maybe you could delete the other options? I dont know, most hacks just delete them.
Posted on 03-12-19, 07:28 am

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You could just constantly write to the "currently selected button" memory address.
But a better way to do it would be to change the default selected button and disable changing the selected button, I ugess.
Posted on 03-13-19, 03:05 pm
Red Goomba
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Could you give more details of what you really wanna do? Please contact me trought discord (TheGameratorT#1850) and I will make you that ASM hack. I'm pretty sure I can do it as I did for MvsL.
Posted on 03-13-19, 07:26 pm

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When you tap the Minigames button on the title screen, it loads a menu where you're supposed to select whether you want to play minigames alone or with other people. I wanted to change the button's address so that when you tap the button on the title screen, it skips that menu and assumes you chose single player.
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