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Posted on 01-06-19, 03:38 pm

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hello I have a problem with sm64ds with the minimap because I wanted to take a map in 256-256 then always comes here (the index was auserhalp the arrayberichs.SM64DS)
if someone can help me who is great
Posted on 01-06-19, 05:10 pm

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The forum you posted in is NSMBDS only. Moving this to General ROM Hacking.

If nobody is able to answer here you should probably check out Kuribo64 and their SM64DS forum.

Also for any non german speaking person that last part of your sentence is a little hard to understand as you probably copy-pasted google translate.
"the index was auserhalp the arrayberichs.SM64DS" = "some array index out of bounds error in SM64DSe"
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