Do you want another remake of smb3?
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Posted on 01-04-19, 10:53 pm

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Hello everyone, I think this topic to ask if it would be a good thing to create a remake of the Super Mario Bros saga in this case of 3, I know some will say that this was already carried out by SKJmin.

but I would like to create a better version with new new mechanical tilesets for NSMB new Power Ups, I'm already doing this so without saying more bye...
Posted on 01-04-19, 11:00 pm

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I think is fine, but if youre already working on it, why make a poll?
Im not sure of what this is for, so i decided to type this and see if it does something
Posted on 01-04-19, 11:05 pm

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believe it to know if it will be a good idea or not
Posted on 01-04-19, 11:15 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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I know somebody in the past tried just that, and eventually gave up. it would live in the shadow of SKJmin's hack, so no wonder.
IMO NSMB2 would be more straightforward to remake SMB3. it already has tanuki suit, noteblocks, et cetera.

but since you're asking, I might as well point this out. when you want to play SMB3 (or any old mario game) you want to play that game precisely. not a watered down port.

this is a matter of opinion, but do consider this. nowadays you can play the SMB series on pretty much any device with no hassle, and if you're gonna play a hack you might as well go for one that brings actual new content (i.e levels) instead of replaying through the same courses over and over again.

remaking sounds like the easy option, but it's tedious and the result pales in comparison to making actual new levels.
Posted on 01-04-19, 11:19 pm

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you have a good point I think better I should dedicate to make a new mod with new levels anyway thank you very much for your opinion
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