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Posted on 12-30-18, 05:40 pm
Banned: Doesn't know when it's enough....

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I'm still having trouble with changing musics and SFXs on the NSMB Editor.
Posted on 12-30-18, 05:45 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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See, RicBent trashed your thread with reasons. You are trying to get help without telling us what the problem really is.
Tell us specifically what you need and what you are having trouble with. Tell us your attempts to solve the issues step by step, in detail.

Make use of the Search function. You may find useful responses and solutions.

Please do not expect that people can read your mind. Provide details, then we will know how we can help you and solve your problem.
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Posted on 12-30-18, 05:50 pm

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And I will continue to trash your threads and eventually ban you if you keep expecting that we will use a crystal ball to answer your questions
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