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Posted on 12-10-18, 12:51 am (rev. 1 by  DylanzuHack on 12-10-18, 12:52 am)
This is a title. It took me so long to think of a title, so this is my masterpiece.

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I want to get back into making my abandoned MKDS Rom hack but i dont know a good place to find tutorials of how because:
1. i forgot
2. died. (literally the site is gone)

Will i have to look for threads in this forum or somewhere else?
Just asking about NSMB Stuff

12/9/18: returned again
10/23/16: Returned. Last time online: 12/03/15
Posted on 12-18-18, 03:22 pm (rev. 1 by  SGC on 12-18-18, 03:24 pm)
Red Paragoomba

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DSHack is gone because of Japanese copyright law.
The dude I co-owned it with lives in Japan, Nintendo's Network guidelines there say that you can't even upload patches, and such. (This is exclusive to Japan, it isn't in the international version of their guidelines).
We had to take the Hack Store down, and at that point the forum wasn't used from it's original purpose by most people, anyway. So with the death of the hack store, it would hack killed traffic even more so, so it just didn't seem worth it to keep it going.

As for the main community, we've moved to a Discord Server because of it, we have everything from DSHack backed up, so no 3rd party needs to do anything on our behalf. I'll likely try to spread around the archived tutorials to other places soon,
and keep them updated as our tools evolve.

The invite to the server is in the body of my post, join and we can get you hooked up.
MKDS Hacking & Modding Server:
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