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Posted on 10-04-18, 05:20 pm

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I see that it's possible to add additional sounds to .swar files, such as the following:

(Sound 11 is the new sound that I added).

I'd like to use this new sound in the PlaySNDEffect function. However, I do not know the value for it.
How can I go about finding the value needed?
Posted on 10-04-18, 08:36 pm
Buzzy Beetle

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You can't. The SFX functions are hardcoded to play only the original SFX.
tre3 z0N3

Posted on 10-04-18, 08:59 pm

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Well, asm hacking does exist to change hardcoded stuff
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Posted on 10-05-18, 02:43 pm (rev. 1 by  KTRMAmbiance on 10-05-18, 02:44 pm)

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If that new sound is being used by a SSAR that uses a SBNK that manages the sound effects (i.e. WAVE_VS_COMMON_PLAYER_BASE_SE.sbnk), then it's possible to use the new sound file. You can edit the sound effect's corresponding SBNK file using Nitro Studio or a hex editor, to make it use the new file.
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