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Posted on 08-04-18, 06:12 pm
Don't lower my karma please!

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I see no many posts of Nsmbhd because its less active than it should be. But that's okay. we can all just leave to this discord server NSMB Hacking Discord I found by ndymario. Its very active and I see many people from here on it.

We should totally do this. I like Discord and this board is not much active so its better. We don't need this board because its getting inactive and its too late and noone also no mods take responsibility to promote or bring back activity and interest.
Posted on 08-04-18, 06:20 pm

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This gets deleted for the same reason as all the other discord threads got deleted.

Also a user that registered 45 minutes ago is the last person who can judge the activity and the future direction of this board.

Discord is horrible for preserving information. People will keep asking the same questions and all information there will eventually be deleted.
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