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Posted on 06-20-18, 06:44 am

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Howdy! So basically, I'm trying to export a model from the game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (specifically a model in battle, but I could also use this knowledge if it exists to apply to other models), and I've hit a roadblock. The specific model file I'm trying to export is compressed inside of a cbarc archive. My first thought was to, instead of taking it from the archive itself, extract it from the game's memory while it's decompressed then convert it using apicula. However, when I do that, the model and textures become corrupted. After making numerous attempts to see if it was a one time thing, I eventually gave up and decided to try to see if I could extract it from the cbarc using apicula's extract feature that I had used for converting memory. My current theory as to why the models corrupt is due to the compression, because non-compressed models are able to be extracted easily and without corruption.

So here I am, stuck hitting my head against the wall wondering how to do this and I feel like the solution is stupidly obvious and I'm just too dumb to figure it out. Do any of you people here have experience attempting this and succeeding and would be willing to help?

Here is the cbarc itself if any of you can help a poor fool like me:
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