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Posted on 06-05-18, 12:23 am
Red Paratroopa
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Make an SMF level and post it here!

post it in a spoiler so it doesn't take up a ton of space.

yes, SMF is an old flash game. But, people use it to this day so I wanted to make this before it died off.
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Thank you

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Yes! I forgot about this game! I made a few levels like 2 years ago.

Well, here's my best:

NSMB Final Level Bowser's Castle Remake(Part 1)(Before checkpoint)

NSMB Final Level Bowser's Castle Remake(Part 2)(After checkpoint)

Oh yeah and I'm also pretty proud of this level for Flash 2:

Well, that's all the actual quality ones I've made. I made a few others that most of my friends said were mostly garbage, but imo those ones up there are pretty good.
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