Should I try this with the original NSMB?
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Posted on 03-03-18, 12:51 pm (rev. 6 by  Ninja NAH on 04-25-18, 09:01 pm)
Red Koopa

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Have you already completed Newer DS to 100%? Do you feel like there is nothing left to do in the game? If so, I have the solution for you. So open that hinge on your DS, plug in your R4, and get ready for Newer Challenges!

What are Newer Challenges?
Newer Challenges are extra tests in the game. No need for any new downloads, just the Newer DS rom.


★ means the difficulty level of the Challenge. The max is ★★★★★ (none of these Challenges have a 5-star rating) The more ★s, the harder the challenge.

[Mario] means Mario must be used in the Challenge.

[Luigi] means Luigi must be used in the Challenge.

[M/L] means either character can be used in the Challenge.

[Small] means the challenge must start as small Mario/Luigi. The challenge, not necessarily the level. For example, if the challenge starts midway through the level, the player must be small at that point. If the challenge is to complete the level, the level must start as small but can be changed within the level. If the level you are doing has a red ? block at the beginning, ignore it. Small means normal, not mini or super.

[Hammer Suit] means the challenge must start as Hammer Suit Mario/Luigi. See above.

[Any power-up except Mega or Mini] seems self-explanatory. Small Mario/Luigi counts as a power-up.

[No pressing *Insert buttons here*] means that you are not allowed to press the buttons stated during the challenge. This is according to the standard controls. (X&Y are run and A&B are jump)

Now for the Challenges!
*Sorry in advance for my potato camera.

★[Luigi][Small][No pressing A, B, X, or Y] Bounce off this Koopa shell in 2-3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hwdKkBpHFORY-wDV7eqwvCdsskgfnCpN/view?usp=sharing

★★[Luigi][Any power-up except Mega or Mini] Lonely run in 1-5. Don't touch or get hurt by any enemies. (★★★ if done with Mario)

★★★[Luigi][Small] Don't get any coins in 1-1.

★★★[M/L][Hammer Suit] How many bombs can you hit in a row in 8-1? Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eMJuUIdJZcs8NRDtLxA1aTmqFOCR91Q-/view?usp=sharing

★★★[Luigi][Any power-up except Mega or Mini] Jump on all of the Christmas-hat Goombas without them falling off the platform in 5-C.
(Sorry for the sideways picture)

★★★[Luigi][Small][No pressing ← or→] Get all the coins above while sliding and ground-pounding on the ectoplasm in 4-3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RLaBA_SVEWfB1YHvz94qxTLeMIEicNAJ/view?usp=sharing (But, you know, get all the coins)

★★★★[M/L][Hammer Suit][No pressing A or B] Hit all the Lava Bubbles in 8-8 spinning around this platform with hammers. You get 6 shots.

★★★★[Mario][Any power-up except Mega or Mini] How many times in a row can you jump on this snailicorn 1-3?

Good luck with these and have fun!
Please give me feedback. This took some time to make!
Posted on 03-03-18, 02:10 pm
Red Paragoomba

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Sounds pretty fun! Looks like it took quite a bit of effort and honestly reminds me quite of bit of all the SMO challenges that have sprung up. Will probably edit this reply soon since I will probably make a video on it.
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