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Posted on 01-19-18, 08:58 pm

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So I've been here before. I hated myself back then, as that not long ago, back in 2014, I did a bunch of crap, mainly to do with RVLution when it existed at the time (AHEM, TheNickOnNSMBHD). So yep, returning but feeling kinda weird at the same time. I'm gonna delete my old user, but for right now, I am proudly presenting an hack I may/may not work on: Sparta Remix Bros.

It's a hack with many Sparta Remix memes from many years. No, the Sparta Remix isn't dead, it's still going on. I want to make this NSMB hack specifically for the community I love (I like you guys too, I'm talking about the remixing community). So this will have brand new levels, and I'm gonna minorly change a few things. Will be a simple hack with new levels, tilesets and new music (Don't know how to loop music though) but still. I got the first level done if you want to see it.

Anyways, I am sorry if I broke any rules based off making a 2nd user, it's just... I hated the way I post and did all that crap back then. And I just wanna say I'm sorry. I hope you guys forgive me, or you probably may not know me. I guessing you don't.

Until then, I hope to see a better future!
Posted on 01-19-18, 09:56 pm
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I won't approve this as long as there aren't at least 300 goombas in level 1.
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Posted on 01-19-18, 10:06 pm
Random Turtle

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I feel bad even though I don't know you. Also, 300 Goombas doesn't seem that much with copying and pasting.
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Posted on 01-20-18, 12:30 am

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Posted by Arceus
I won't approve this as long as there aren't at least 300 goombas in level 1.

I get it lol. It's not just about the movie 300 you know. There's also many other things too that would be long to explain.
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