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Posted on 10-28-17, 10:04 pm
W1 out :)

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I really hope that this thread is correct for my question. But I couldnt find a better place.

I'm currently working on my own hack. You are only able to pick Luigi.

My problem is that i wanted to give it the name New Super Luigi DS (already created the title screen, wich i dont want to redo). But that name was used for a (sadly canceled) project:

I just wanna know: Can I use this name because the project was canceled or should I use another name?

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Posted on 10-28-17, 10:46 pm
cyka blyat

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You can just come up with a similar name honestly, like "New super Luigi Bros. DS!" or something like that
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Posted on 10-29-17, 01:17 am
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It's dead, so use the name.
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