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Posted on 10-23-17, 12:54 am

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Super Mario Galaxy 64 is a hack of Super Mario Galaxy 2 that remakes levels from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS using the Galaxy 2 engine. It isn't an exact remake, since Galaxy 2 does not have the same assets as Mario 64, of course. As such, many concepts have been altered to make the game more enjoyable and different than its N64 and DS counterparts.

The game is decently far into development. Several levels have been made, but not many are close to completely finished. I don't have any estimated release date yet. But I am working on a demo that will be released soon.

I'm currently working on everything, meaning the level design, 3D modelling, etc. Though, SY24 created the logo, and Aurum/SunakazeKun has given me a plethora of advice. I'm not looking for any members to join, just thought I'd let people over here that haven't seen the hack take a look.

Screenshots (I'll add more as I make more progress):

First Look Trailer:
Comparison of Bob-omb Galaxy in 2014 to 2017:
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Red Koopa
Thank you

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We've come full circle

(But I think that hack is dead..... )

Anyways I hope this becomes a full hack! Looks Great!
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