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Posted on 10-03-17, 04:43 pm
It's not "J" its pronounced y, like Yakratzhu, and the "Zh" is pronouced like in czech

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I don't really want to be that guy but

I am curious what happened to this. The community remix kinda just went dormant, and I'm just curious if anyone is planning on reviving it or etc.
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Posted on 10-03-17, 07:48 pm

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It is dead and no one ever tried to revive it.
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Posted on 10-03-17, 08:31 pm
Undertale is coming to Switch. #Sans4Smash

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Yeah it is pretty dead but
Posted by MarioFanatic64
It's not doing any damage to keep the project going. Maybe one day there'll be a random activity surge and it'll be back again

but probably not.
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Posted on 10-03-17, 08:33 pm
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if said activity surge isn't another wave of idiots.
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