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I made this thread so we can all share our Flipnotes! You remember those animations that we made to post on Hatena to get meaningless stars (did anyone actually spend real money on buying those colorful ones?), looking online to see which ones were trash and which were gold that we could save to our SD cards. But, then "youtube" for the DSi shut down. It wasn't all that bad because Sudomemo now exists (but I feel like 9/10 of those Flipnotes are music videos with Sonic or UnderTale characters).

But now, I'm here to start a thread to post our favorite Flips!

I'll start.

This is one of my favorite flips.
It is about Luigi looking for Mario and... well, you can just watch it and see what happens.

Here's another:

This one's about Mario in the cold and he needs to warm up... if you couldn't figure that out already.

The gifs are not as good as they are on the DSi because there is no sound, but I think they are funny nonetheless.

Your turn!

(also, how do I upload a custom icon)
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