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that (inactive?) Mario vs Luigi "Hacker"

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I made this thread for people that doesn't know the existence of this Emulator, this emulator is in Alpha stage but alredy supports local multiplayer on Pictochat, NSMB and Pokémon. this can be useful to Test Mario vs Luigi hacks if you don't have a DS/3DS and/or to record and take high quality screenshots without the need of a Capture Card. Sadly melonDS doesnt support Local Multiplayer between real DS's but at least melonDS achieved what every other DS emulator didn't. Local Multiplayer Emulation.

Download link for melonDS emulator: Here

Download link for DS bios7.bin, bios9.bin and firmware.bin: (removed)
(Remember to rename the files to the names i listed above or it won't work)

Multiplayer TEST:

Posted on 07-16-17, 06:37 pm
in business again

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had to remove the BIOS/firmware link, those are copyrighted and shouldn't be distributed like that
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and so here we are, NSMBHDing again, I guess
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