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Posted on 06-21-17, 06:02 pm
It's been a while, Pikaboy.

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I know that newer is no longer allowed in the community

This is the temporary icon

It is the time of the summer and a hack arrived with amazing levels of Mario Bros
A while ago the daisy princess met with peach in the castle and wine bowser and the rapture. Mario As the hero of this saga or Luigi must rescue her from the hands of this dirty Rapporteur

This incredible hack brings the following

* New and Amazing levels of the Popular Game Super Mario Sunshine and original
* Levels of presentation with selection of characters
* To make fun the game has been added save at any time
* Daisy is the main princess of the game
* Logo 256 colors
* New Sprites and Tiles
* Added Ice Flower
*Much more

And as if it were not enough the hack is being created by XDLuigiXD and Luigui3060

The Link will take place very soon
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"I know that newer is no longer allowed in the community"

You don't say...
Come back if you can think of a more original name.

Edit: No. Please do not come back Pikaboy.
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