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Posted on 05-22-17, 06:33 pm

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Another DS sound editing tutorial from me. Works in any DS game.

What you need:

Audacity (only if your audio file requires editing)
HxD Hex Editor
Kiwi DS
DS Sound Studio

Let's go!!!

Step 1: Extract your SDAT file from your ROM:

Step 2: Load your SDAT file with Kiwi DS:

Step 3: Double click the SDAT file, find your SWAR file and extract the contents of it:

NOTE: If your audio file doesn't require editing, skip to Step 6. Otherwise, continue normally from Step 4.

Step 4: Load Audacity, drag your instrument file and edit it:

Step 5: Export your edited audio as Microsoft WAV 16 bit PCM (it HAS TO BE MS WAV 16 bit PCM, or you can't convert to SWAV):

Step 6: Drag your new WAV file onto the WAV2SWAV executable to create your new SWAV file.

Step 7: Load a hex editor and edit the values accordingly:

Step 8: Re-create your new SWAR file using SWAV2SWAR as seen here:

Step 9: Load DS Sound Studio, load your SDAT file and replace the target SWAR file with your edited one and test it in the SBNK file that uses the SWAR you're trying to edit (don't forget to dump SBNK files with Kiwi DS, or you can't know which SBNK instrument uses the SWAR/SWAV!):

Step 10: Now use EFE or MKDSCM 3 to install your new SDAT file to the ROM.

NOTE: Steps 7 to 9 may take many tries, but keep trying until you get the best result.

This always works for me, hopefully this works for you too! If so, I'm really glad to hear that.
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