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Posted on 03-07-17, 06:57 pm (rev. 1 by  davidje on 03-07-17, 06:58 pm)
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hello.......okay bye then
yeah, bye

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i think the karma system is bugged because like every 10 minutes i get like -10. and i'm already at -76 i think. like let's say i was gonna make a new thread right now. i would get 10 karma but for some reason when i made a thread like 10 minutes before this i got nothing and i will probalby have under -100 tomorrow. maybe it isa big but i'm not sure about it
EDIT: i just saw that i got 2 karma just by making this thread

hello. currently working on NSMBDS hack named: New super mario bros DS the mixed worlds (name is probably gonna get changed ) here is a screenshot
Posted on 03-07-17, 07:07 pm
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Nope, you shitpost and have your posts deleted constantly, and that makes your karma go down.

Not a bug.
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