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Posted on 03-18-18, 02:41 am
Red Goomba
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Posted by RicBent
The text is unreadable in front of that artwork btw

Yeah, that's what I meant by "RGBA stuff doesn't work for me", but I should have been more clearer. Sorry.
Posted by Thierry
there's a div within the mainbar by default and that can't be removed. thus your styles should be
.mainbar2139 > div > and .mainbar2139 > div > div.sig
to take that into account and point to them properly.
Oh. Yeah, I'm used to blargboard, so I didn't know. Sorry...
Posted on 07-31-18, 10:24 am
banned for pulling same old drama antics

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This is a layout now inactive user Sherry_ has made for me in 2016.
Only difference is the background, because I can't find it anywhere, so I chanhed it.
Posted on 07-31-18, 01:55 pm
Will never finish a hack

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Is the background supposed to be fixed? Because it looks kinda weird with just some hair.
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 07-31-18, 02:08 pm
banned for pulling same old drama antics

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Yes. I'll probably change it later.
Posted on 07-31-18, 08:09 pm

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Tho be reminded that you should try to avoid fixed images at all cost. Those cause quite a bit of lag on not so powerful devices...

Also nothing is better than an imageless/pure css layout
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Posted on 08-01-18, 12:22 pm
banned for pulling same old drama antics

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I fixed it, though not by using the fixed property
Posted on 11-05-18, 08:19 pm

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Not much, just brought a new style to the top bar and the left sidebar.
Posted on 12-07-18, 11:02 pm
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oh look, a post layout
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Posted on 12-08-18, 10:57 am

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Tbh I don't like this one too much. Can't even tell why but I just connect you with your classic layout...
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Posted on 12-19-18, 02:32 pm
I wonder if anyone will notice that I changed this

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I did stuff to my spoiler button.

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