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Posted on 11-25-16, 08:48 pm

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The "Sideways Spikes or Collapsible Stairs (??)" Tile Sub-Type should be renamed to "Forced slide if slope / No walljump if wall" or something to that effect.
Posted on 11-25-16, 09:19 pm

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But remember how the steep slope tiles in the ghost house tileset turn into stairs when a certain Event ID is triggered? Yeah maybe that's what the "collapsible stairs" part of the tile subtype is about. In that case the subtype's name should also include the event ID/IDs that trigger the stairs
(IDK where the graphics for the stairs come from tho. I haven't checked the ghost house bitmap in a long time and i don't remember seeing them. Maybe they're some kinda of conditional tile animation or something. ExGFX in NSMBDS confirmed?)
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Posted on 11-25-16, 10:21 pm (rev. 1 by Asprok on 11-25-16, 10:49 pm)
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The “Sideways Sikes or Collapsible Stairs (??)” tile subtype does exactly what it says: (1) it's used for spike tiles facing left, right or both sides so you can't wall-jump off them, and (2) it's also used for the ghost-house-exclusive stairs, whose activation loads upon triggering value 14, I think. The animation bitmap can be found in the BG_ncg folder, though I don't remember the name, but it has TEN and obake in it, as far as I know.

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Posted on 11-26-16, 09:27 am (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 11-26-16, 09:28 am)

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Yes, it does seem to be activated by value 14. So I guess it should be called "No wall-jump / collapsible stairs", because the whole sideways spike functionality seems like it can be summed up as "no wall-jump". What I don't understand is why the "chainer" sprites used to link the ? Switch IDs in Area 1 of World 3-Ghost House have a delay of 0x36 (allegedly about 6 or 9 "timer ticks"), when the stairs activation seems to be instant. I guess that is another discussion though.
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