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birthday review

I was thinking of a way to celebrate with the community my 200th post.

After having made two hacks (MSMBRA1 and MSMBRA2) and a mini-hack (MSMBRA Halloween Edition) I was losting ideas. I'm posting here, because since this post is not exactly fit like a single level, neither a hack package, I was in doubt if the NSMB Hacks area was the correct place.

After Nintendo launch Mario Maker for Wii U and announced the release of Mario Maker for 3DS, I was sad. Could exist a Mario Maker for DS? But wait, there is NSMB Editor! This is our Mario Maker, much before Nintendo give to users the power to make levels. This forum offers the user the experience to download the NSMB Editor, and creating unique levels for your DS! NSMB Editor contains an infinite features. You can track and participate of development of the editor, expand your hack's ability with ASM codes and share knowledge about the project. So, this post is a way to offer my thanks for belonging to this small community and share here, as a way of my gratitude.

Here I share a little PDF with a collection of 30 selected levels. These levels are my gift to community. These are simple levels which the goal is the fun. Each of these selected levels has a single area and has the most interesting aspects that I found simplicity to explore. All levels use original objects and tilesets, in order to maintain compatibility with the NSMB editor, allowing to import directly into any chosen area in editor.

Each level in the PDF have a code to download NML file and a link see on Youtube. Thanks again to everyone who supports the NSMB Hack Domain forum, and to all the members who contribute to making NSMB Editor a wonderful, fast and intuitive software.

NSMBePinetSelectedLevelsBook.pdf (pdf file) (nml level pack)

Live long and prosper.

[] -P

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Red Paratroopa
Someone who speaks Portuguese

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Seems to be good
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That MvL Hacker

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That's what you've been posting those vids on you tube, makes sense now
Here's my MvL Hacking thread

Consider joining the NSMB DS Hacking Discord Server!

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