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Posted on 08-26-16, 02:14 pm (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:23 am)
Banned for being a complete retard.

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Another Mario related stuff on forum just for waste your time

Now that the dust has settled in my city, we can talk about Mario again.

If you not live in a cave, noticed that in the final event of the Olympic Games at Rio, Mario enter in a pipe from Japan and pass through the Earth, exiting on the other side of the World (in case, here).

Shinzo Abe as Mario at Rio 2016.

For the surprise of all presents on stadium, Mario pop-up out of the pipe and reveals itself as the First Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, to offer the ball to Brazil.

The question is: What did you people think of that?
(considering the next mascot will be a Pokemon).

See the video:

Comment are welcome.

Posted on 08-26-16, 03:03 pm
Lantern Ghost
Will never finish a hack

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It's pretty cool and all, but what can you expect, it IS Japan after all. Also it's been like 6 days, you're posting this now?
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 08-26-16, 04:35 pm
Banned for being a complete retard.

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'Cause I'm to lazy.

... And have sure that no one posted something like this before.

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