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Posted on 07-16-19, 12:40 pm
hopefully non-existent

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Sorry for bumping,
There is a large issue with the hack every time i attempt to enter a level it crashes with the preview on screen.
Any reason why this occurs?
Posted on 07-16-19, 03:18 pm
Red Paratroopa

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You should put every bottom screen .enpg because the asm hack doesn't detect if there are the needed files, so copy and paste a placeholder for every world icon and you're done!
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Posted on 07-16-19, 04:27 pm
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Also, I've had a similar issue mainly due to Desmume's settings. Try flicking on/off the Dynamic recompilier.

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Posted on 01-04-21, 06:51 pm

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When I tried to set up the ASM, an error message popped up
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