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[September 10 - September 13] Garmichael's Level Design Contest

Challenge: Make a Bonus Room!
Requirements: There are lots of requirements this round, so read them carefully.
- You must use This Patch.
- You may not change anything in Areas 1 and 3.
- You may only edit Area 2.
- In Area 2, you are allowed to edit the Objects, Sprites, Paths, and location of the two entrances in the area.
- You may add entrances to area 2, but they cannot lead to entrances outside of area 2.
- You cannot edit, add, or delete the view, zones, tilesets, level configuration, the progress path (don't worry about it not being synched right), or anything else I've forgotten here.
- You may not edit the properties of the entrances in the area already, but you may change the position of those two entrances.

- Do not worry about putting Star Coins in.
- This bonus room must reward the player with at least one 1-Up.

EDIT: Please change the music for Areas 1 and 3 to Grassland, and the music to Area 2 to the Bonus Room music. I forgot to set these, and I don't feel like remaking the patch, uploading, and fixing my link.

Deadline: 11:59pm Pacific time zone Tuesday night on September 13th, 2011.

To submit your entry, just post your level file in this thread. Youtube clips are optional, but help with critiques.

Each player is required to critique each other player's levels, and must use the critique form below. It is encouraged that each player actually play these levels, preferably before watching any youtube clip of that level or look at the level in the editor.

Failure to deliver critiques by the end of the critique period will result in a 20 point penalty to your final score.

Critique Form

Challenge Requirement Met: 10 Points

Design: 20 Points
How does the level play?
This is the general quality in design. When critiquing, ask questions like:
Is it fun? Is it well laid out? Does it match the theme of the challenge? Are enemies and hazzards placed unfairly? Is there enough time? Does it flow well? All items are obtainable? All Star Coins added? Too long? Too short? Question mark blocks with powerups inside butted up against the roof? Are there any soft-locks (this is the term for when under certain circumstances, the player can't finish the level unless they die and start over)?

Polish: 20 points
How does the level look?
This is the general level of polish. When critiquing, ask questions like:
Are there glitches not caused by emulation? Is there missing trim for the terrain or other tiles? Is there enough variety in the use of tiles? Are there enough props and interesting details? Does the camera function properly without skips and problems? Are there tiles that look out of place?

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