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Posted on 05-22-16, 06:10 pm (rev. 3 by Sherry_ on 05-22-16, 06:15 pm)

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Sorry if this was already asked.

Is possible to someone to fix the Decompress Overlay button?
With the old build it works, but in the new (in r397,too), that button doesn't work.

And... another thing:

Can be re-inserted the window that appears when you are going to replace an overlay?
I mean the window that ask you if the overlay you are going to import is a compressed overlay.

Thanks, Sherry_.
Posted on 05-22-16, 11:50 pm (rev. 1 by  cros107 on 05-22-16, 11:51 pm)
Will never finish a hack

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Is the editor even worked on anymore? I know some minor c# and I want to learn more, but it seems all of the talented programmers like Dirbaio have given up on the project.
hey look, I did a thing
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