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The hack started from Jan. 2015. And finished by Dec. 2022.
The hack hacked by Super Mario Bros. 3's hack - Mario Adventure. Other Word levels, ghost levels, 8-5~8-Bowser's castle is original.
1. All new levels.
2. Some tilesets are in style of Mario Adventure x NSMB.
3. Some new music. Some are in other DS games. Others are remade from other consoles' games.
4. There are TWO versions of this hack - Normal and Exploratory. It's easier to find starcoins in normal ver.. And easier levels in it, too.
Compare with Mario Adventure:
Mario Adventure NSMB adventure
World 1 World 1
World 7 World 2
World 6 World 3
World 4 World 4
World 3 World 5
World 2 World 6
World 5 World 7
World 8 World 8 1st part
The airship music (Only in Ex ver.) is from another hack. But I'm sorry, I forgot which game it's from and I couldn't find it now...
About other original levels
It's seems like a normal level but camera offset. You may not feel uncomfortable screen moving.
Because of Mario Adventure's World 7's type. This level includes many short views. But used some game's bugs.
3-A, 3-B, 3-C
These levels used my old levels made in August 2014. Native levels' video.
It's a normal level, too. Just a auto-scroll started by middle path of level. And used Dorrie with poison water's raise and down.
Music is YKYrococ (Only in Ex ver.).
1st part is platform. 2nd part is that blocks appear and disappear repeatedly.
Used square, rectangle, triangle lift moving on paths.
The first part's idea comes from NSMBU 9-9. Throwing a shell and follow it. Although it's not good enough in this level.
The second part's idea comes from a random level of《New Super Mario Bros. Wii - the lost levels》(I'm sorry I forget it). Make the red mushroom go home.
Green snake blocks used through the whole level.
The idea comes from 《Running Man(CN ver.) season III》8th episode. A game: chasing trolley car.
Part 1 is similar with part 2 of 5-C. Just make a shell go home.
In part 2, you can play with double Mario!
Just used space gravity. And music used brainiac maniac from 《Plants vs. Zombies》 (Only in Ex ver.).
Remake of 8-3 of Mario Forever.
8-4 part 2
It's Mario Adventure 2-timer.
Used pvz's music and mist image.
In part 2, climbing the vine to break screen vertical.
Part 1: After touching the ? switch, most of ground disappears. You have to find the ground by seeing any sprite's movement.
Part 2: After touching the P switch, coins, blocks, ? blocks is changed but not image.
Part 1 is from 《Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!!》. Part 2 is from 《lunar knight》.
Part 1: pvz's *-10 and "Column like you see 'em".
Part 2: music is the grand finale of Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!!. There are many tiny gameplay skills. Such as little vertical movement while using groundpound, jumps when groundpound double blocks with blue shell, and space jump after leaving the ground.
Remake the lost map of Mario Forever. But delete the castle level.
Underwater music is from Kirby - Canvas curse.
Others is from Mario Kart DS.
8-Tower 2
Castle part is from Castlevania.
Outside part is from Castlevania II.
And music is from Castlevania - Dawn of sorrow.
8-Bowser's Castle
In Mario Adventure, airship or tanks + castle is the type of the last level of every worlds. So I followed it.
Part 1's idea is from Boarding the Airship (World 7) in NSMBU. Tanks first, airship after. Also volcano used.
Part 2 is similar with native NSMB's final level. Rotating castle.
Part 1 is from Mario Forever's 8-2: apoplexy. Part 2 is from Itadaki Street DS - Dragon Quest Super Mario.
Music is from Super Mario 64 DS.
Idea is from Ruins of Lost Time, Dragon Nest. At the beginning, all of ? blocks are empty. You need to go back to the past time to open a way to the ending.
Idea is from Hospital part, Silent Hill. After arrive at floor -1, 1, 2, 3, floor 4 appears. And you'll enter the inner world later.
Idea is from castle of wolfs, Pleasant goat and big big wolf - hallucination.
Gameplay video: 1 2
Idea is from Silent Hill P.T. Every room is same but not same.
Comparision video.
Known bugs (could not be fixed)
Screen would not move by unknown reason underground...
Event may be broken after mid-checkpoing if you restart. So save a state before this level.
The picture would be broken with a NEW marking. Because the NEW marking changes some palettes. And it's not easy to fix it with mordern editor...

Download: (Includes both Ex and Normal versions)
Uploader file.

Posted on 05-18-16, 02:29 am
Banned for being a complete retard.

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I loved your kind of level design. I downloaded the patch, but I still not played yet. There is a reason: I'm still playing you "F" version from your other thread recently updated.
Posted on 05-29-16, 04:17 pm

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Posted by Luluca
I loved your kind of level design. I downloaded the patch, but I still not played yet. There is a reason: I'm still playing you "F" version from your other thread recently updated.

"F" version is too hard, many guys complained its crazy difficulty. And I think it's a failed hack. So I give a appropriate difficulty in this one. And hope you'll enjoy the new one
Posted on 05-30-16, 11:16 am
Roy Koopa
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Good luck with two simultaneous versions.
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Posted on 06-12-16, 03:33 pm (rev. 2 by  pinet on 06-12-16, 11:44 pm)

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- Patch working 100%.
- Very good design levels.
- Thumb up!
- Added to my personal list on the right side of Endless Earth.

[] -P

Posted on 08-30-16, 01:44 am (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:23 am)

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review by pinet

Let's play Soig's Adventure Normal & Exploratory

So I played the game of the great colleague Soig. NSMB Adventure Normal & Exploratory it is a 1-World Mini-Hack game kind. The Soig style goes from the simple to mix. It is an eclectic style. The player will find levels in classic style and levels in the challenging style. Many of the challenges can be avoided only by ignoring the alternative paths. Some challenges are required.

Soig levels also use the puzzles strategy. This means that the player will need to understand what to do in order to get items, stars, special places or even to move to the next level. The design of the levels is also mixed. This means that the player will find tilesets and classical backgrounds mixed with different elements, such as coins, special tiles and other artwork. The overall levels are linear. But extremely challenging. The user should be careful with some switches, as some may lead to dead-locks as shown in level 1-1. if you do not pay attention, you can simply get stuck in a way that should be done to a bonus room.

Some levels are, say, nonsense. In the good sense. In level 1-3, the tile water is used to make large pools of pipes, creating a sort of maze. Not everything is perfect in Soig game. Level 1-4 uses the puzzle technique to entice the user to go through the scenario. However a possible lack of player skill may cost the patience and life, if you can not get on the pipe. For those people who like to challenge the 1-A level offers many Bullet Bills and much irritation (still in a good way). The user has to be tuned to get through all these enemies. The cannon level also has a small puzzle. If you're not with a mega-mushroom to break the red bricks, you need to use the turtle shell to break a brick and bring up a special switch. As it is a mini-hack, the cannon 2 takes anywhere in the world 2, or unedited worlds.

The problem for the player will be when you are in the level of the Tower and the level of the Castle. Both really difficult. If you survive the first part of the Castle level, you need to break precisely the brick wall with only three turtle shells. To make matters worse, I do not know if it's just a bug, but Boos simply disappear if you look at them. In addition, Boos are very fast, not allowing the user to breathe.

However, I liked the Soig levels. Maybe not very tested. But they are thought levels.
This hack earned my thumbs up.

Here below the evidences of the play:

The level 1-2: I'm never tired of undergrounds!

Videos of levels: 1 on night, 3 and 4 in classic style.

Videos of levels: 1-Cannon with the switch puzzle, tower and castle, both very challenging.

My final perspective:
Type: 1-World Mini-Hack
Graphics: 3/5
Difficulty: 5/5
Entertainment: 3/5
Quality: 3/5
Sound: 2/5
Gameplay: 3/5
Final Media: 3/5

[] -P

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Posted on 04-03-17, 08:43 pm

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Reply because of updating.
Posted on 12-21-22, 04:01 pm

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This two-hacks hack is completed. Today... Enjoy!
Posted on 12-24-22, 01:22 am

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Downloaded! But only played the first 2 levels. It looks promising....
Posted on 04-17-23, 04:27 pm

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hi its a nice hack but i there is a bug in which i cant finish the second half of 5-ghost level due to the fact i cant find switches that clears a red and gray barricate from these two pipes.
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