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Well, I guess I decided to post this hack here as well.
Mario Kart DS N64 Circuit is a MKDS hack that I started back in May or June of 2014, and it is meant to be a sequel of sorts to Mario Kart Advance/Mario Kart Super Circuit.

Here is a list of things that will be in the hack when finished:

- All completely new nitro courses
- All retro courses replaced with N64 courses in corresponding slots.
- All used music replaced
- Custom Characters made by me and some others(not all will be replaced)
- All 4 N64 Battle Stages, GBA Battle Course 4(Battle Course 2 in v1.5), and SNES Battle Course 1(To be released in v1.6)

Here is a link to the playlist of videos of N64 Circuit, if you want to see how much it has changed in the past couple of years.

N64 Circuit Playlist

I would put a link but the only available link is to the ROM on the DSHack Hack Store, so I plan on creating a patch version of v1.5 once I get my computer back.
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Posted on 02-23-16, 10:36 pm

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Looks neat, no idea how I've never heard of this it looks great!
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