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Posted on 01-12-16, 06:49 pm (rev. 3 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:17 am)
Boomerang Brother

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I wanted to replace the original US logo with the Korean logo, because of the extra text under the NSMB logo.

Unfortionately, no luck.

I still get this result when replacing the whole uiStudio folder. But I don't what file (or folder) else to replace.
Does anyone of you know something I could try to get this to work?
Posted on 01-12-16, 10:22 pm
I Am Not Inteligent

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I think there is a file in the overlay which tells the game how to load the title screen image; I'm not sure.

I could not…
Posted on 01-17-16, 02:30 pm
Boomerang Brother

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Yeah I guess, but I wouldn't know where in the overlay.
Posted on 01-19-16, 04:50 pm

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How change the title screen? (newbie) :p
Posted on 01-19-16, 04:54 pm

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Search it. NSMBHD's search feature is actually pretty good.
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