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Posted on 11-26-15, 10:17 pm

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It's been a while, huh? Name's Caynimator (Formerly known as "Jdpgamer"), that guy from a few years back who made all those threads about hacks that I would never actually create to 100%!
Any-who, I left this forum I believe.. early 2014 I guess, to pursue new interests, such as a let's play channel (Which was boring, generic, and was just painful to make), and now, flash animations, the type of stuff I work on nowadays (Which is slightly less boring and generic).

With that out of the way, I'd like to say that I'm (Hopefully) back here for good. I don't believe I will get back into NSMB hacking again, mainly because I was never good at creating stuff such as that and I don't have much interest in making my own hack at the moment, but I'll still be around to post on the other threads and such. Other than that, I'm curious as to what's new in the hacking scene while I've been gone, so if anything major happened recently, I'd be happy to know.

Thanks, and have a good one.
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