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Posted on 10-03-15, 12:28 pm

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Some of them have names which don't match up with any used tileset, so I wondered how I could view the data, to see if they contain anything interesting.
Posted on 10-03-15, 12:57 pm
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Maybe we can look at the code for them in a hex editor.
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Posted on 10-03-15, 01:31 pm

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It is all meaningless to me. A lot of it is 00s though. No header text.
Posted on 10-28-15, 10:58 am
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25 days later... lol

This is the code that reads CHK files.

CHK files are super simple, they're the tile behavior files.
They contain 4 bytes for each Map16 tile. The first 4 bytes are the behavior for Map16 tile 0 (the one at the top left), next 4 are for tile 1 (the one next to the right) and so on for all tiles, in left-to-right, top-to-down order.

There are lots of zeros because there are lots of tiles that have all zeros as their behavior
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