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Posted on 09-20-15, 09:09 am

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I'm not sure if this is an idea that can be done, but what about the editor being the same or similar as Super Mario Maker on the WiiU platform, and we can make or download sprites, make our own cutscenes, and map screens and stuff real easy? Good idea or bad idea?
Posted on 09-20-15, 01:47 pm
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Uh no. It's not even possible. Especially the make your own cutscenes part - you can't asm hack with the press of a button.
Posted on 09-20-15, 01:49 pm
Larry Koopa
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'Can you implement magic in the editor. plz.'
Posted on 09-20-15, 03:15 pm

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Posted by You
Good idea or bad idea?
I'm going to say bad idea.

Stuff like making it like Super Mario Maker or making cutscenes, are just strange.

I don't see the purpose of it. I have nothing to say other than it's just weird.
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Posted on 09-20-15, 04:29 pm
Larry Koopa
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Anyway it being a good or bad idea doesn't matters.

What matters is what the people want the editor to be able to do, and whats possible (and not too hard) to make the editor do.
Posted on 09-20-15, 10:47 pm
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What currently is easily doable from what you need (at least without a shit ton of ASM hacks) is map hacking. I don't think you really can make everything custom on the world map, but we're doing some progress on it, more
info here:

You can at least edit the path nodes, which is pretty good already, but I don't think you can do much unless if you change the textures. And even then...
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