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I prefer Piano From Above. what do you prefer?
Posted on 01-09-16, 02:41 am

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/sorry to um, bump the thread, but this is an interesting topic and i would like to continue the discussion.

I definitely prefer Piano From Above. First of all, Piano From Above is free, while Synthesia costs you a hefty $29 for the desktop version, $10 for iOS/Android. This will make the major decision for some people.

However some good things about Synthesia to denote:
-Resizable sheet music can be displayed at the top of the screen
-It can go on an iOS or Android device, not just a Windows computer
-It supports way more languages than PFA
-Zoom feature (though you can also hack the number of keys you want to see on PFA also)
-Hand splitting
-Free play area
-Recently played songs list
-Custom background (also on PFA)
-Finger hints
-Online scoreboards
-Metronome (also on PFA)
-Note and key labels (also on PFA)
-Top scores list
-Rewind/fast forward (also on PFA)
-Note spark effect
-Has a support forum
-Much better sound (PFA uses your default OS SF which can sound terrible)

PFA is also good in some respects, especially if you are a computer geek. Things you can mess around in the %appdata% folder also allow:
-Showing of up to 128 keys (especially great for Black MIDIs)
-Custom background PNG
-FPS enabling
-Less lag (especially great for Black MIDIs)

Here's my conjecture: If you're a Black MIDist, who really just wants to make spectacular vids of Black MIDIs, PFA is your choice. PFA is also your choice if you want to spend no money on this matter as well. If you want something that has more support and updates, and much, much, more features, you would use Synthesia. It also has cross-platform support as well.

By the way there's also an Android app called MIDI Melody (I use Android sry). It has loads of features too but is supported by ads (it is free) and will crash if the MIDI is huge (over 5 MB or something around there). Checkit out!

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Posted on 05-23-16, 01:25 am
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Hello again; sorry for taking so long to respond. I see what you mean with PFA versus Synthesia. I used to use Synthesia, but then they made us pay to unlock the game, which seemed outright mean of them. I do not think that the dev of Synthesia should have made us pay for Synthesia just to keep it with the mobile devices. Why did they not just make a Learning Pack for mobile devices? Now, unfortunately, Piano From Above is discontinued. The site is no longer available on the Internet, so we will be stuck with Synthesia.
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