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Posted on 08-27-11, 07:06 pm (rev. 3)
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Hey guys,

Here's a tutorial on how to edit the titlescreen buttons as seen on the Main Menu of NSMB.

Note: You should use NSMBe 5.2 for this tutorial!

First go to the "ROM File Browser" tab.

Afterwards, click the + icon next to "FILESYSTEM"
Then, do the same for root, and then uiStudio

Then, double-click on: UI_O_menu_title_o_d_ncg.bin
(It's at the bottom)

Then, double-click on d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_o_d_ncl.bin

In PaletteViewer, select the second one in the list, and click "Add".

Then, back at the 2D Texture Editor, select the "View in 4bpp format".

Then you're done! Make sure you save your changes
Posted on 08-27-11, 07:14 pm
Roy Koopa

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Perhaps you should add [tutorial] And a few screens would be nice, because I dont think that beginners will understand it immediately. Also you can add the information, that you need 5.2 for this
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Posted by ELMario
Note: You should use NSMBe 5.2 for this tutorial!

Does work in latest version? Or only in 5.2???

EDIT: 5.2 IS the latest version, sorry
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