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Posted on 03-24-15, 10:08 pm

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can someone give me a .png of nsmb2 pipes so I can have new super mario bros 2 pipes in my game, or if you cant can I have A title set of nsmb2. thanks
Posted on 03-24-15, 10:57 pm
Death by cuteness

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You missed that


Courtesy of  Hiccup, tiles are 20×20.
Posted on 03-25-15, 09:40 am (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 03-25-15, 09:41 am)

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Also, if you are unsure about the quality of the rips I made using one of the versions of Reggie Next (NSMB2 fork), then you may want to try Ploaj's rips. I don't know how he made them, but the 3D overlays and transparency are different. I don't know which ones (if either) are correct though.

Posted on 05-12-15, 09:22 pm

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I dont know ANYTHING about adding title sets and I screwed up...
Posted on 05-15-15, 07:20 pm
cyka blyat

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Holy shit XD

Very nice, thanks
rush b сука блять
Posted on 02-06-16, 04:40 pm

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How i can place this?
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