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Posted on 03-15-15, 10:10 pm
Death by cuteness

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't rule of politeness oblige outsiders to ask for the creator's consent before re-uploading his/her hack elsewhere ? At least they give credit but still…
Posted on 03-16-15, 01:28 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Oh hey, I saw that forum before. My hack is there too.

I don't really go around advertising, so I don't particularly mind. I'm not sure they have the most recent version though.
Posted on 03-16-15, 01:55 am

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I don't really see what the problem with it is. If anything it brings more attention to NSMB hacking.
Posted on 03-16-15, 02:17 am (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 03-16-15, 02:18 am)

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Eh, its impossible to control this.

My hack has the most downloads on those ROM sharing sites.

I personally dont care as long as my username is kept on the title screen/show up on the other places I added it.

Posted on 03-16-15, 04:54 am
Roy Koopa
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They're providing credit where credit is due. I see no problem with it.
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Posted on 03-16-15, 06:16 am

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I see Mario Kart Zero, and it looks like they didn't Credit Szymbar15, by just mentioning "the creator", instead.
Posted on 03-25-15, 02:35 am
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This is why you always slap credits on your own product, I guess.
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