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Posted on 03-08-15, 06:47 am

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I'm sorry the poor English
There is my hack mario in my page

download link

Please tell me your impressions
And I looking forward to your impressions
Posted on 03-08-15, 10:06 am (rev. 1 by Yami on 03-08-15, 10:07 am)

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I find this suspicious.
The Download includes no ROM, and no Patch.
Just 2 EXE Files, which you have to Run as Administrator.



Could somebody Verify this package?
Posted on 03-08-15, 10:34 am
Death by cuteness

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The .exe are genuine, no problem here.

But the hack is garbage, it's a KAIZO-type hack.
If I didn't know better, I could have thought SKJmin was the mastermind behind this.
Posted on 03-09-15, 10:06 am

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I'm glad to me playing this to you
I think that I Indeed it may be agree
Thank you for the harsh opinion
And I don't tell you Contents of the zip
I'm sorry
I will improve one's skill
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