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Everybody here knows SRB2 right...? RIGHT?
Shit no one does.

Anyway, SRB2 is a Sonic fangame made by Sonic Team Junior, based on the Doom Engine, known for its flexibility for mods.
And even better, since early game versions, everybody can make WADs files (Where's All the Data ?) to modify the game as they want, they can create levels, characters, or just replace musics and palettes.
But the best thing about this game is... Since the 2.1.x version (we had to wait 4 damn years for it!) the game supports Lua scripting, allowing to do crazy things with the game itself!

And so I decided to create this shit:
(Damnit the white went away)

The Mystery Dungeon thingy should make some people around here guess what it is about, effectively, this is just a PMD-esque mod, for a Sonic Game.
I can even provide screenshots if you guys are not trusting me...

This went from a basic HP bar concept...

To eventually levels made just for it, and two boss battles.
(Dat Mon- I mean Robot House <3 also this section was in developpemet when this gif was taken, so it is sure ugly. )

Not forgetting the Hunger thingy implentation...

The levelup system is a good thing too!

...And totally failed experiments... Shitty item hitbox.

Random generating stages sadly had to be scrapped because of them being a little too limited, plus I lost contact with the guy who scripted this, and I don't understand any of this shit! (Console haxx too) MAP MAP01 -FORCE yay!

Anyway, if you guys eventually want to try this shit out, you'd better download the game first.
The mod itself will be released once the moderators of the official forums approve it (and give feedback, the most important thing!)

Get the game HERE:
SRB2MD progress thread (It's gonna be closed anyway):
SRB2MD download:

To add the file in game, you have to open the console using "~" (Below TAB and next to "1")
Then type in "addfile s_srb2mysterydungeon.wad" (or whatever you renamed the file, but it shouldn't be renamed.) and here you go. (If you dare to rename the file, the .WAD extention is crucial for it to at least be loaded by the game.)
Note that you must 1. Extract the file from its .rar
2. Put it somewhere in your SRB2 directory
3. Don't forget to set your controls in the game's OPTION menu, it will help a lot.

EDIT: Mods released the file, get it HERE!:

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