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Giant Red Koopa

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Seeing as there are no tutorials on here like this, I thought I'd make one.

This works better in older versions of, because the brush tool got some changes, but the images here where made with the new version.

Draw an outline for your tile with the pencil tool in the coulor of your choice. It doesn't matter if it looks bad as long as you have the shape.

Make a new layer over your sketch, and draw over the outline with the brush tool, and then remove the lower layer.

Now fill in the coulor using the brush tool. Simple stuff.

Shade in the bigger parts of your tile. I usually use about 5 coulors (2 dark, 2 light and the main coulor) on each section of the tile, notice how blends them automatically.

Shade in the details, again I use 5 coulors.

About 2 minutes

Now hey, that looks alright! with a bit more time it could be a lot better, though, like for example this SMB2 veggie I made only with the brush tool.
Posted on 01-22-15, 07:59 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Still, the result has very big shadows and is a little blurred, but it remembers me of the grassland tileset from NNSMB2.
Posted on 01-22-15, 08:51 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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I know, Im just trying to show the method. If you look at my veggie you can see it is a lot smoother.
Posted on 01-22-15, 08:57 pm

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I do it the same way, but usually with more colours (it depends on the kind of tileset). I skip the "draw an outline" part and make the shape of the tiles directly. Also, I add more dark shading beneath the covering (grass, sand, snow, ...) of the tile.
Like this: (right is my change). But I think it is just my preference.
Posted by Thierry
Still, the result has very big shadows and is a little blurred, but it remembers me of the grassland tileset from NNSMB2.

However, it looks far better than all most of the tilesets that I get to see in the Resources forum or in the Community Remix. Also, I don't see any big shadows.
Posted on 01-22-15, 11:26 pm
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Do you have a method to make tilesets other than grasslands?
Posted on 01-23-15, 12:01 am
Giant Red Koopa

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I dont see whats limiting you from using this method for other tilesets.
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