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I would like to ask and see if we would be able to embed the NSMB2 or NSMBU font in this hack. I've got a ttf copy on my computer.

Me personally, I do not have much experience in NSMB or NSMBW modding and I am not able to replace them myself.

Posted on 01-14-15, 09:31 am
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Yeah, that would be possible, but in the ROM there isn't a font file. The fonts are graphics. So we would have to edit the graphics. I could do this sometimes, but that's not that important at this time
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Also, considering the various letter and numbers graphics spread accross the ROM are really small, putting such a font there would be hard, so I don't recommend doing it.

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Posted on 01-15-15, 10:00 am
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In-game text is low-res, not to mention most of the text in the game is just a texture. It wouldn't look good.
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